Irish Cream

Irish cream liquor flavored coffee.



Irish Cream is our custom mix of chocolate, vanilla, and caramel blend into an Irish cream liquor flavor. This coffee contains 100% Arabica beans which we roast to Full City (see our explanation of roasting levels here).

The Rainforest Alliance has certified our coffee supplier as using sustainably farmed beans.


When you buy flavored coffee from other companies, you often notice that the beans appear really shiny. That’s from beans soaking in their flavoring compounds which typically use propylene glycol as a delivery mechanism. The flavoring solvent often overpowers the original taste of the coffee and is left on the outside of the beans, giving the shiny appearance. At Battle Alley Coffee, we use a different process to keep our beans untouched by the flavoring process.

Also, unlike other coffee companies, our flavors are not meant to hide a cheap cup of coffee. We use the same grade of high quality, 100% Arabica beans across all of our coffees that our customers have come to expect. Our flavored coffees give you the best of both worlds with the original coffee taste and the extra delicious tastes of our flavor blends.

Weight 12 oz

12oz, 2lbs, 1lbs, 3lbs, 5lbs


Whole Bean, Auto Drip, French Press


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